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You searched for: $50000 invested over Call in the following types of organisation: Bank.
Not including PIEs.

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BNZ 0.05% Personal On Call
Kiwibank 0.05% Bill Blaster
Kiwibank 0.05% Front Runner
Kiwibank 0.05% Back-up Saver
Kiwibank 0.05% PIE Online Call base rate
Westpac 0.05% Westpac Bonus Saver - base rate
ANZ 0.10% Select
Heartland Bank 0.10% Heartland Saver Account
ASB Bank 0.20% FastSaver
Heartland Bank 0.20% Heartland Savings Optimiser
HSBC Premier 0.20% E -Saver Account
Kiwibank 0.20% Fast Forward Saver
Kiwibank 0.25% First Saver
Kiwibank 0.25% PIE Online Call bonus rate - no withdrawals
ANZ 0.30% Serious Saver Account - base rate
ASB Bank 0.30% Unlimited
Co-operative Bank 0.30% Smile On
Westpac 0.35% Online Saver
SBS Bank 0.40% i-save
TSB Bank 0.40% Premier Cheque
ANZ 0.50% Online Call
TSB Bank 0.50% Horizon Plan
TSB Bank 0.50% WebSaver
Co-operative Bank 0.55% Online Account
Co-operative Bank 0.55% Step Saver - standard rate
Westpac 0.55% Simple Saver
SBS Bank 0.65% Prospector
Westpac 0.80% Westpac Bonus Saver - bonus rate
Westpac 0.85% Westpac Bonus Saver - Potential Rate
Co-operative Bank 1.15% Step Saver - bonus rate
Rabobank 1.15% Rabobank PremiumSaver - min rate
ANZ 1.20% Serious Saver Account - bonus rate
BNZ 1.30% Rapid Save
Rabobank 1.55% RaboSaver on call Account
Co-operative Bank 1.70% Step Saver - potential rate
Heartland Bank 1.90% Heartland Direct Call
Heartland Bank 1.90% Heartland Business Call
Rabobank 1.95% Rabobank PremiumSaver - max rate

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