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deposit rates

Online Savings Accounts Interest Rates

With this interest rates table, you can use the arrows to sort by various options such as interest rate, provider, amount and rating.
Rates changes from the past seven days will be highlighted in green or red.

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All Term Deposits Call Accounts Online Call Accounts Savings Debentures Bonds By Provider
up down
up down
Minimum Deposit
up down
Maximum Deposit
up down
up down
ANZ Online Account - - 2.75
ASB Bank FastSaver - - 2.25
Co-operative Bank Online Account - - 2.45
First Credit Union Online Savings $1 - 0.75
Heartland Bank Heartland Direct Call $1 - 4.60
Heartland Bank Heartland Business Call $1 - 4.60
Kiwibank PIE Online Call bonus rate - no withdrawals $2,000 - -
Kiwibank PIE Online Call base rate $2,000 - 4.50
SBS Bank i-save - - 1.85
TSB Bank WebSaver $1,000 - 3.75
Unity Money Online Saver $20,000 Minimum $20,000 - 3.15
Unity Money Online Saver $1000 Minimum $1,000 $19,999 2.15
Westpac Online Saver $500,000 - -
Westpac Online Saver - $100,000 -
Westpac Online Saver $100,000 $499,999 -
Westpac Westpac Bonus Saver - bonus rate $1 - -
Westpac Westpac Bonus Saver - base rate $1 - -
Westpac Westpac Bonus Saver - Potential Rate $1 - -

About Online Savings Accounts

Online savings accounts are a relatively new product for savers. You can find out more about their history here.
The banks who offer them are competitive, however there are some differences in products. The main differences are that Westapc and ANZ have tiered accounts offering different rates for varying amounts. Kiwibank has a unique approach in that it offers an additional 0.25% interest each month of there are no withdrawals.

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