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deposit rates

How to invest your money on term deposit

Deposit Rates is designed to help investors and advisers make better-informed decisions about where to invest their money.

There are literally hundreds of organisations offering some form of term deposit option for you. These range from the banks with online savings accounts and term deposits, through to finance companies, credit unions, fund managers and individual companies with listed debt securities.

There are two main ways of finding out what interest rate you can get for investing your money on term deposit.

One is to use our free deposit rates calculator to view rates on fixed term investments over various terms and amounts. Your search can be of a general nature, or restricted to a particular organisation type and limited to only those which hold ratings.

Secondly, you can go to the main interest rates table which will display all the lenders. You can sort by various options such as interest rate, provider, amount and rating.

View our Ratings Explained section to find out more information on how investment companies are rated or for details on specific investment products read our articles in the Investing Articles section.

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Today's Best Bank Rates
Rabobank 5.25
Based on a $50,000 deposit    More Rates »
Today's Top 5 Deposit Rates
Rabobank 5.25 Rabobank PremiumSaver - max rate
Squirrel 5.00 On-Call accounts
Co-operative Bank 4.75 Step Saver - current bonus and standard rate
Heartland Bank 4.60 Heartland Direct Call
Heartland Bank 4.60 Heartland Business Call
Based on a $50,000 deposit    More Rates »
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Cash PIE Rates
Institution Rate 30% 33%
ANZ 2.75 - -
ASB Bank 2.90 - -
ASB Bank 2.90 - -
ASB Bank 2.90 - -
ASB Bank 2.90 - -
ASB Bank 2.90 - -
BNZ - - -
Heartland Bank 4.60 - -
Kiwibank - - -
Kiwibank 4.50 - -
Nelson Building Society - - -
SBS Bank - - -
TSB Bank 3.35 3.35 3.63
Westpac 4.50 - -
Westpac 1.00 - -
Westpac 3.50 - -

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