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News Archive - April 2011

1 Apr 2011Dorchester Property Trust trading above budget
The Dorchester Property Trust is trading better than expected, thanks to above-budget performances from its Goldridge resort in Queenstown and its Parkview on Hagley hotel in Christchurch which was only slightly damaged by the earthquakes.
1 Apr 2011Fisher & Paykel Finance gets ratings news from S&P
Standard & Poor's has affirmed Fisher & Paykel Appliances' finance company's “BB” credit rating with a stable outlook.
4 Apr 2011SCF likely to cost an extra $331 mill
The government now expects its retail deposit guarantee scheme will cost it about $1.2 billion, up from its previous $900 million estimate, largely because of lower related party loan recoveries from the receivership of South Canterbury Finance.
6 Apr 2011Geneva gets an SD rating
Standard & Poor's has cut its ratings of Geneva Finance from “CC” to “SD,” or selective default, because of its debt-for-equity swap but is likely to upgrade the company again soon.
7 Apr 2011The mysterious case of the Allied Farmers' $7m guarantee which wasn't
Allied Farmers (ALF) is embroiled in yet another dispute over a former Hanover asset, this time over a $7 million guarantee it gave when it sold a Hanover loan in September last year but for which Allied still hasn't received payment.
8 Apr 2011S&P's view on Genesis's new bonds
Standard & Poor's has rated Genesis Energy's proposed 30-year capital bonds issue a “BB-” rating, three notches below what is usually regarded as investment grade.
11 Apr 2011Outlook bleak for Allied Farmers
Allied Farmers (ALF) is unlikely to be able to repay $7.5 million owed its former finance company by the July 1 due date but is hoping its improving rural business will allow it to avoid receivership.
13 Apr 2011SCF receivers sell major asset
South Canterbury Finance's (SCF) receivers have sold Helicopters New Zealand for about $160 million to Canadian Helicopters.
13 Apr 2011Opinion: Are Genesis Energy's capital bonds worth buying?
Jenny Ruth looks at the Genesis Energy bonds and compares them with other options available on the market.
15 Apr 2011SCF's "good bank" on the market
South Canterbury Finance's receivers say they hope to sell the company's “good bank” business by mid-year.
29 Apr 2011Alloway resigns as Allied Farmers director
Allied Farmers managing director Rob Alloway has resigned as a director of the company and all its subsidiaries with immediate effect but will remain chief executive until his contract expires on June 30.
29 Apr 2011Heartland gets the nod
The NZX listed Building Society Holdings is to be renamed Heartland New Zealand from June 1.

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