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News Archive - February 2008

1 Feb 2008MFS shares suspended in NZ
MFS had its shares placed in a trading halt yesterday due to the "uncertainty" surrounding its Australian parent company.
2 Feb 2008MFS confirms payments not made
MFS Pacific has pulled its prospectus and stopped accepting money, as its Australian parent company refused to provide funding for the recent round of maturities.
4 Feb 2008Fin Coys up, banks down
Investment rate report: We're starting to see a greater number of changes to investment rates with banks and finance companies.
4 Feb 2008Council to issue up to $200 mill in bonds
The Bay of Plenty Regional Council is seeking to raise up to $200 million through a perpetual preference share offer to fund infrastructure projects.
8 Feb 2008First finance company to emerge from receivership
The receivers of Propertyfinance Securities have been retired following a successful restructure of the finance company.
12 Feb 2008[Opinion] View From a Finance Company
Broadlands Finance business development manager Ian Hardman talks about the effects media commentaries are having on investors.
12 Feb 2008St Laurence to raise up to $24.4m
Property investor St Laurence Property & Finance (SLPF) is to raise up to $24.4 million through a rights issue.
12 Feb 2008Quayside rate set
The Bay of Plenty Regional Council has set the minimum dividend rate on up to $200 million perpetual preference shares, issued to fund infrastructure projects.
14 Feb 2008Geneva still on creditwatch
Geneva Finance, which is currently about halfway through a moratorium on interest payments, has been left on creditwatch with developing implications by credit agency Standard & Poor's.
15 Feb 2008Finance company to refund 1200 customers
Allied Nationwide Finance has settled with the Commerce Commission in an out-of-court agreement to refund $173,000 to more than 1200 customers.
15 Feb 2008Strategic reports increased interim profit
Strategic Finance has reported a fully audited net profit after tax of $14.64 million for the six month period ending 31 December 2007.
15 Feb 2008Hanover responds
Hanover has taken the unusual step of responding to a series of newspaper articles critical of its business.
18 Feb 2008Numeria Finance investors get estimate of returns
Investors in Numeria Finance are likely to get between 38 and 51% of their money back.
26 Feb 2008Strategic Finance not for sale
Strategic Finance's parent, ASX-listed Allco isn't looking to sell its New Zealand finance company, as part of its restructure announced yesterday.
26 Feb 2008Marac profits in turmoil
Finance company Marac has gained from turbulent times in its sector and is expecting to continue growing organically, although it is open to the possibility of making an acquisition.

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