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News Archive - March 2009

2 Mar 2009Rates round-up
Contact’s proposed fixed bonds rated; Final Provincial payout; Bridgecorp directors appear in court - again
2 Mar 2009Deposit guarantee put to the test
The government’s deposit guarantee scheme is set to have its first test-run, as of today.
3 Mar 2009Guardian Trust to make first repayment
Guardian Trust has announced that it will make the first repayment of capital to investors in the Guardian Mortgage Fund on 16 March. The initial partial redemption will comprise 15% of each investor’s holdings in the Fund.
3 Mar 2009Who has got a guarantee?
3 Mar 2009AMP latest corporate bond offer
AMP is the latest corporate to go to the market with a bond offer. It has launched a listed debt called the AMP Notes which is expected to pay a rate between 8.40% and 8.90%.
3 Mar 2009Marac not facing funding cliff
Marac has benefited greatly from the government’s guarantee of its debentures but it won’t be facing a funding "cliff" once the guarantee expires.
9 Mar 2009Rates round-up
16 Mar 2009Rates round-up
HBS rated BB; Petricevic Porsche sold; Babcock and Brown down; NZ Post and Kiwibank ratings affirmed; NZX partners with ANZ to create indices.
18 Mar 2009Hanover says market continues to deteriorate
Property market and global market conditions have deteriorated significantly since its investors voted in favour of its debt restructure plan in early December, Hanover Finance said in its March investor update.
20 Mar 2009* Comparing current Bond Offers *
With so many corporate bond offers in the market www.depositrates.co.nz has put together a table showing the key differences.
22 Mar 2009Rates Round Up
S&P happy to be approved rater; PGG Wrightson Finance continues to grow; PIR sold.
23 Mar 2009Finance companies acted like ‘Ponzi schemes,’ registrar says
The Registrar of Companies has issued a damning assessment of New Zealand’s failed finance companies, saying many lacked adequate governance and ran their businesses “in a similar manner to Ponzi schemes”.
24 Mar 2009Vector may sell $150m of five-year bonds
Vector, New Zealand's No. 2 electricity and gas distributor, is weighing the sale of $150 million of five-year bonds.
24 Mar 2009Tower just gets minimum for bond offer
Tower Capital completed its bond sale with minimal over-subscriptions as the insurer and fund manager struggled to entice investors with an 8.50% interest rate.
26 Mar 2009Fonterra may sell more NZ bonds amid strong investor demand
Fonterra, the world’s biggest dairy products exporter, is considering a further sale of corporate bonds in the New Zealand market after investors clamored for its last offer in February.
30 Mar 2009AXA to wind up mortgage funds
AXA has confirmed that it plans to wind up two of its mortgage funds and return money to investors over a four to five year time frame.

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